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Auto Insurance: Car and Auto Insurance Quotes Online | World Wide Insurance

Auto Insurance | World Wide Insurance

Vehicle insurance (also car insurance, motor insurance or auto insurance, known as), cars, trucks, motorcycles, and other road vehicles to insure. Its primary use, physical damage and / or bodily injury traffic collisions and liability that may arise from the result is to provide financial protection against against. Specific terms of auto insurance vary with each area regulations. A lesser degree auto insurance also may provide financial protection against vehicle theft and possibly damage to the vehicle to collide with stationary objects such keying and sustained damage from things other than traffic collisions Continuous.

History The widespread use of the automobile in cities began after the First World War. By that stage the cars were relatively sharp and dangerous, yet there is still no compulsory car insurance anywhere in the world was. This meant that any compensation to injured victims rarely get in an accident, and drivers often considerab…