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Vehicle insurance (also car insurance, motor insurance or auto insurance, known as), cars, trucks, motorcycles, and other road vehicles to insure. Its primary use, physical damage and / or bodily injury traffic collisions and liability that may arise from the result is to provide financial protection against against. Specific terms of auto insurance vary with each area regulations. A lesser degree auto insurance also may provide financial protection against vehicle theft and possibly damage to the vehicle to collide with stationary objects such keying and sustained damage from things other than traffic collisions Continuous.

The widespread use of the automobile in cities began after the First World War. By that stage the cars were relatively sharp and dangerous, yet there is still no compulsory car insurance anywhere in the world was. This meant that any compensation to injured victims rarely get in an accident, and drivers often considerable cost to his car and suffered damage to property.A compulsory insurance scheme in the UK with the first Road Traffic Act 1930 was introduced to ensure that all vehicle owners and drivers of their responsibility for injury or death to third parties whilst your vehicle to be insured the public was being used on the road. Germany enacted similar legislation in 1939.

Category "Vehicle insurance"
Here we will define the Vehicle insurance to 32 major Categories as like
1. Assurance Companies Act 1909
2. Auto insurance risk selection
3. Roadside assistance
4. Civil Auto Liability
5. Comprehensive Cover
6. Damage waiver
7. Driveway Software
8. GAP waiver
10. Insurance Information and Enforcement System 
11. Intact Financial
12. International Motor Insurance Card System
13. Maryland Automobile Insurance Fund
14. Metromile
15. Miller v. Commissioner
16. Motor Insurers' Bureau
17. Motor vehicle insurance law in India
18. Omnibus clause
19. Personal injury protection
20. Proof of insurance
21. Public auto insurance
22. RTA Insurer
23. Sheilas' Wheels
24. Telematics 2.0
25. Total loss
26. Trade-In Protection
27. Uninsured motorist clause
28. Usage-based insurance
29. Vehicle fire
30. Vehicle insurance
31. Full tort and limited tort automobile insurance
32. Vehicle insurance in the United States
These are some important Vehicle insurance categories. Please read all categories description on the given link.

Vehicle insurance in the United States

Auto insurance in the United States and elsewhere, financial liability or a motor vehicle if the vehicle involved in a collision resulting in property damage or bodily owner can face is designed to cover the risk of losses. In some states, a certain minimum level of liability insurance of motor vehicle owners are required to carry. That the vehicle owner is not required to carry car insurance in Virginia, where an uninsured motor vehicle fee which can be paid to the state; New Hampshire, and Mississippi which vehicle owners a cash bond (see below) offers the option to post. The privileges and immunities clause of Article IV of the US Constitution when traveling to another in each respective state protects the rights of citizens. The owner of a motor vehicle insurance companies generally charge a monthly fee, often called an insurance premium is paid. A motor vehicle owner pays the insurance premium is usually covered vehicle, age and gender of the drivers any cover, your driving history, and the location where the vehicle is mainly driven by a variety of factors, including the type of stored set goes. Most insurance companies offer premium discounts based on these factors.

Vehicle insurance providers in the United States
The United States in 2015, the largest auto insurance providers in terms of market share, the State Farm Insurance, Liberty Mutual Insurance, Allstate, Berkshire Hathaway (which operated as Geico), and The Travellers Companies. Either secured by insurance with working with an independent insurance agent or an insurance broker who is authorized to sell insurance policies. Some agencies, Guy Carpenter and Company or through online brokers who sites like Wal-Mart and purchase policy can represent the growing number of offers.

Motor vehicle insurance Latest law in India

Motor vehicle insurance law in India Motor Vehicle Act, the Insurance Act and the insurance contract is governed by aspects of the Indian Contract Act, the Property Act and some others are controlled by the transfer. Motor vehicle third party insurance for the vehicle to cover the risk of loss arising from the use of the motor vehicle and also the risks of insurance coverage. Taking a mandatory insurance policy for coverage of certain risks and other risks coverage are made at the behest of the owner are optional. Accordingly, two motor vehicle insurance policies, namely, mandatory insurance policy (Policy Act) and can be divided into broad policy.

Motor Vehicle Insurer in India
Mushroom boom with the emergence of the insurance company in India there is the phenomenon of the bike as the insurance company. Insurance Regulatory and Development Authority is very few players who have been identified are Indian.

Beautiful Destination Mexican auto insurance (tourist)

Mexican auto insurance business auto insurance for driving in Mexico offers. This type of insurance was made because the US policies in the event of an accident are not recognized by the authorities in Mexico. If someone is involved in an accident and third party liability policy for medical expenses provides coverage for property damage. Full coverage policies, including physical damage and theft coverage are available as well. The annual policies in the United States than a policy with low cost are available from one day to one year. They run on the Internet are both available in offices near the border, and.